A Rich History Evolving into Advanced Dental Care
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Since its inception in the early ’90s, Pineview Dental, formerly known as Glow Comprehensive Dentistry, has steadfastly served the Castle Rock and Castle Pines area. Pioneered by Dr. Alan Gerbholz, thousands have achieved optimal oral health. Today, under Dr. James Pacheco, we’re eager to further enhance patient care through advanced skills and modern practices. Envisioning a future where every patient feels embraced, Pineview Dental is set on eliminating obstacles to exceptional dental care. We stand as your devoted dental home, prepared for a lifelong journey to ensure unmatched care for you and your loved ones, be it long-standing patrons or new arrivals.

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Everyone deserves dental excellence, irrespective of past experiences or time gaps. At Pineview Dental, we prioritize understanding you and your unique needs. We’re more than just treatments; we’re about erasing past fears and guiding your dental journey. Whether you’re a parent, a busy professional, or someone hesitant about dental visits, our welcoming environment promises comfort and care. With us, you’ll find an inviting atmosphere where you might even forget you’re at the dentist. Begin your renewed journey in oral care with Pineview Dental.
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Meet Dr. Pacheco with Pineview Dental

Dr. James Pacheco, DDS, is a distinguished dentist dedicated to changing the way you perceive dental care. With an educational background from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry and Utah Valley University, he combines expertise with a passion for patient well-being.